Adoption is the term we prefer to use for how one goes about obtaining "ownership" of a Maxwell Street Labrador.  This preference in terminology is our way of underscoring how deeply we are committed to finding the correct homes for our lovely dogs.  They are truly our "children" and placing them in the care of other humans is a process we take quite seriously. Therefore, we employ a process that all potential "parents" of our dogs need to complete in order to "own" a Maxwell Street Labrador.
Our Adoption Process

Maxwell Street Labradors
David Keller
Londonderry, NH
603 434-6260
The 3 steps we take in qualifying candidates for adoption are simple and straightforward:

Step One: Contact:
Obviously, the first step is by way of  introduction.  We are introduced to our future pet
owners by way of referral from other Maxwell Street owners, our veterinarian, via this
web site and even the occasional chance encounters.  

We have an online Adoption Request Form that you may complete by clicking this link.

Step Two: Interview
After we have  received a request we will arrange an agreeable time to talk about your
needs (when you plan to add a puppy to your home, preferences regarding color/sex, etc.)
and to review your specific plans to raise and care for a Labrador retriever. 

First time pet owners are as welcome as the "seasoned" experienced owner. 

The topics we like to cover during the interview focus upon your commitment / ability to
devote the time and resources required to properly raise a dog from "puppyhood" through
their entire life span.  The value of the personal interview for us and you is to get a good
"feel" for each other in determining if we have a good "fit".

Step Three: Commitment / Reservation
After we have determined that  we have a "fit" … you will be placed on our waiting list.  
We do not accept deposits until puppies are actual "on the ground" and healthy. 
Depending upon whether we have a litter available or not at the time of the request …