w.1/2004 d. 12/2009
OFA Good/Normal ElbowsOptigen A1

Best In Sweeps, LRCPV, 5/13/05
judge:  Anthony Emilio
1st, 12 - 18 mo., LRCPV  5/14/05
judge:  Robert Ennis

Best in Sweeps, LRCGB 2005;  judge: Rene Blouin

1st, 12-18 mo., LRCGB 2005;  judge:  Jackie Mishou

  1st, 12-18 mo., North Shore KC 2005;  judge: Clare Senfield

    There always has to be a rascal in the bunch, and that is Stella. 
Brash and bratty with her great uncle Henry and her cousins, thankfully she is gentle, 
sweet and polite with the human race!
Saltmeadow Peace Pipe

CH. Windfall's Pipe Major CH. Hysprie's Darktown Strutter Int. CH. Raintree's Slippery When Wet, JH
Marshland Shimmer
CH. Windfall's Black Piper, WC CH. Dickendall Arnold, JH
CH. Windfall's Win Storm, JH
Saltmeadow Knight Owl CH. Blackdux Knight Moves, JH CH. Chelons Mac The Knight, WC
CH. Blackdux French Vanilla
Saltmeadow Sister Sledge Donalbain Marksman
Bayview Reet Petite

Maxwell Street Labradors
David Keller
Londonderry, NH
603 434-6260