Carla Hyndman's love affair with Labradors began in 1968 on a visit to a field training facility in Colorado, where a friend was picking up her husband's Chesapeake.  Watching the trainer's Labradors retrieve and then relax, she discovered that while Labs can be intense workers, they are easy going, affectionate, and goofy creatures at heart.  Carla was a goner and shortly thereafter purchased Bessie, a black gal with a good working pedigree.  Dear, sweet Bess had no interest whatsoever in retrieving, but when a starter pup was acquired, her genetic light bulb blazed on as she watched Carla work with the puppy.  Carla enjoyed learning how to train dogs for basic field work, but it was just for fun since she was not a hunter.
The Saltmeadow Labradors - A brief history …
After returning to New England from Colorado, Carla began to search for a show prospect im the late 70’s.  Purchasing her first in 1981, it was not until 1984 with the acquisition of a lovely English import that the breeding program began to travel in the direction she had envisioned and hence, the Saltmeadow Labradors, Reg/Retired began.  This wonderful soul, CH. Follytower Blackberry, JH, aka “Bumble”, is behind all of our dogs today.  Bunble's descendants are American and Canadian champions, field and obedience titleholders, therapy dogs, and one boy had the distintion of becoming the New Hampshire State Police bomb dog.
Carla and I enjoyed showing and working with our dogs over the ensuing years and have been fortunate to experience some very nice specialty wins along the way.  First and foremost, however, our Labs are our buddies, beloved housedogs and integral members of our family.

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